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“Are you responsible for the drywall too?”


It’s a strange question but a question you need the answer to before purchasing insurance on your condo. When overwriting a condo, you need to not only insure your contents but also “real” property which is property that is physically attached in the condo. For example, you are usually responsible for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, plumbing fixtures, carpeting and flooring, and many times the drywall!

How do you find out what you’re responsible for? You can easily find out by calling your condo association and asking or by reading thru your contract thru the condo association.

Also, you may want to purchase sewer back up and sump pump coverage, especially if you have a basement or lower level. This is usually an optional coverage so make sure you include it if need be. Always remember, flood insurance (where surface water comes thru doors or windows) is not covered by home, condo or renters insurance. A separate policy is needed for this coverage.

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